Since my entrance, I've been wandering. I've been admiring the beauties around, without ever asking myself if I need a place of my own to be

And these observations, these precious moments of contemplation have had the most profound effect on me. 
Yes, of course I know all I find here is an icon, a symbol, something that represents or replaces something real.

"All this is done by someone" I thought to myself on my first day. And I started admiring these secret entities, the creators, the builders. I even met some brilliant ones.

Virtual, people call it, I think. But the care and the love that these creation show are not necessarily iconic or virtual. Most of the time, the builder cares to build, to insert the detail. Like a painter, he/she steps back to judge the effect the viewer will have, places herself as the user. And smiles, in anticipation, feeling the pleasures his/her work is going to produce. It may look as a painful effort, but I know it must be a joyful one, too.

I post this unbelievable film as my homage to all SL world creators, the architects of wonders. Thank you from my heart!

(watch it in fullscreen mode)

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