MONOLOGUE IN DRESDEN (a Second Life humorous experience)

MONOLOGUE IN DRESDEN (talking to Emilka, or trying at least anyway)
(inworld SL, in the breathtaking gardens of the Dresden Museum, outside)

[I talk to unknown Emilka for 14 minutes; the avatar looks plain and nice, nothing extraordinary or fancy about her; during this time, she stares at me, without ever leaving, without saying a word. As the “action” progresses, I feel more and more hamletian, in a stand up comedy sort of way].

[02:50] Hi
[02:51] Hi!
[02:52] Hi (third try)…smiles
[02:52] don’t mind waiting, Emilka
[02:52] Time is nothing to me
[02:52] Lately
[02:52]And besides, I trust my intuition.
[02:52] A lot
[02:52] Lately
[Eva, the character from the film Wall-E, appears and dances for us, briefly. I swear it’s true]
[02:53]Did you see that, Emilka? Charming! Did I see something from that movie? Eva whatever, was her name?
[02:54]I did not want to sound preposterous
[02:54] I’m just radiant and happy
[02:54] and sharing is like a need
[02:54]That's all
[02:55]You don’t say anything, really. It's like talking to a patient in comma.
[02:55]But I know you listening
[02:55] I'm in such a generous mood
[02:55] overflowing, I’d say,
[02:56] that I could give you my best poem
[02:56] if you just say Hi
[02:56] Say HI
[02:56] diz olá
[02:56] Dime Hola
[02:56] Disez-moi salut
[02:57] Your silence makes this moment
[02:57] unbearably special and unique
[02:57] Like Beatles? You now "Michelle"?
[02:58] It has a connection with us somehow
[02:58] Ma belle, "sont les mot qui vont très bien ensemble"
[02:58] And I'll keep repeating them till you learn to say Hi
[02:59] ma belle
[02:59] ma belle
[02:59] ma belle
[02:59] You must think I'm crazy
[02:59] I'm not
[02:59] I'm lucid
[03:00] Today I wrote a poem called "like an angel"
[03:00] It could talk about you, but it did not.
[03:00] It was about how I felt
[03:00] like an angel
[03:00] white and pure
[03:00] creative, nice, understanding
[03:00] joyful, humorous
[03:01] I somehow grateful you're still here
[03:01] It proves something.
[03:01] You are a beautiful little puppet,
[03:02] and your puppeteer is a shadow behind you
[03:02] And she/he must be curious somehow.
[03:02] Emilka, ma belle, com’on
[03:03] don’t understand this as harassment
[03:03] I'm just tipsy and prone to play and humor.
[03:04] I'm a musician, a husband of a beautiful woman, a father of a beautiful boy
[03:04] I'm not looking for anything
[03:04] I'm finding it

[at exactly this moment, she finally flies away. Quite literally, in SL terms)

[I remain in the same place for some minutes. I’m still happy. Very.]

[Then I decide to copy/paste the whole chat text, and proudly edit my “Monologue in Dresden”].

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  1. This is great! I really appreciate your sense of dramatism, movie-maker-like. Love it.


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