Ctrl + alt + delete

You vanish by an act of will
everyday your absence
slow meticulous insidiously
/carving my insides/
/tearing my flesh/

(yes by deleting yourself you made me hollow)

Words that were not spoken
keep buzzing around me
(annoying filthy bastard blind wordy bugs)

In that hole, through it
memory lives, memories pass

the lapse was never so wide
the fog was never so dense
the lag was never so felt
/the delay hurts/

I must feel you, since I can’t see you
I miss your radiance the same way  
I’d miss a star’s in the city bright night

A voice tells me:
 /go down you Blind,
descend to the pitch-black darkness,
perhaps then you’ll see it/

So hopeful I look up
wishing for that beam
to cross my eyes’ path
brighting my sight
before its last desire
is spent

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