The twilight, the blue hour
and then a frightened moon
and the trees so black against the sky

On my ship I choose to stay still and sail
waving to the night
jumpy waters touching my face

Only then, in the deep, I press the shell
close to my ear, and listen
to the waves of a long-distance call

Never mind, her whisper's so low
I choose to feel my dear nautilus
with loving hands intead of ears

So I find where exactly in her body
convex drifts into concave under the suture
the rib placement, the art déco columnella

where exactly the gracious curve of fortune
meets her outer lip on a sharp angle
like a fragrant kiss, a polished opening

Then I will enter with quiet wonder
the pearly enclosure of her echo chambers
and caress the nacreous walls with wavering fingers

and whisper in her insides something like a spiral wish
a wordless desire like a song that brings together
the moon, the stars, the sands, and all the blues

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  1. is a great pleasure when read beautiful way of describing enjoy poetry as actually the moment becomes a magical is the poet knows well trap with the sound words made poetry . sweet sweet you're so warm i consider a brillant write kisses charles


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