Beatriz - O Grande Circo Místico (Chico Buarque/Edu Lobo)

A sound, on the piano... Firstly it sounds like yet another sentimental song. But then Milton's voice... He enters the room, and suddenly everything is his voice, even us. And there is no room for anything else, and this means that everything else fits on the space of his voice and his expression. All shifts to the outside, the unending, super-human breathing, the mystical tune that goes up and down, expanding as it goes, like a noble bird reaching majestic heights.

Could it be that the composer Chico Buarque did not make the connection? Could this ever happen without some conscious control? 

No, I am sure he thought "I will write a musical line that looks and feels like Beatriz's body flying on the circus". Yes, she goes up and down too, propelling herself like a rocket with her own weight, and then landing graciously on the hands of some friendly catcher. Both melody and trapezist playing with gravity, courting death with a smile, being a celestial body that materializes the idea that angels really exist.

Se ela dança no sétimo céu...

And someone watching the show down below sees the angel within Beatriz. He is so bewitched that when he sings, his music mirrors the flying of his angel. How can she be so celestial? What is it her real nature...?

Será que ela é moça
Será que ela é triste
Será que é o contrário
Será que é pintura
O rosto da atriz


Será que ela é louça
Será que é de éter
Será que é loucura
Será que é cenário
A casa da atriz

...and where does she live?

Se ela mora num arranha-céu
E se as paredes são feitas de giz
E se ela chora num quarto de hotel
E se eu pudesse entrar na sua vida 

...and could I ever be part of her life?

E se eu pudesse entrar na sua vida

The dream again, when in the middle part he asks her to take him away, to teach him to walk like her, without placing his feet on the ground. Believing in the utopia,

Sim, me leva pra sempre, Beatriz

Me ensina a não andar com os pés no chão
Para sempre é sempre por um triz
Aí, diz quantos desastres tem na minha mão
Diz se é perigoso a gente ser feliz

And Milton comes back with his nostalgic tune, possibly feeling that nothing is completely impossible...

Será que é uma estrela
Será que é mentira
Será que é comédia
Será que é divina
A vida da atriz
Se ela um dia despencar do céu
E se os pagantes exigirem bis
E se o arcanjo passar o chapéu...

E se eu pudesse entrar na sua vida

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