I hereby declare [dramatic gesture]
your falling in disgrace, from now on,
disposessed of all the beauties
that once crowned your guilded head

(For, my dear lady, I'm sorry to say,
your characteristic radiance is long gone;
It does not reach my soul anymore,
and the once luminous wake of your steps
rests on a puddle of fading memories)

By virtue of this decree
I reclaim everything mine,
up to the last word and deed,
every intention or wish,
every thought and every detour.

(Up to the last syllable of every verse,
please do return it all)

I hereby decree that henceforth
you shall be disposessed as well of that proverbial brightness
I once bestowed upon you,

the white light, the blues,
the seemingly unending vibration,
the miracle-making power,
all that awe-inspiring beauty of yours

(hands that commanded my slow-mo stare,
eyes/lagoons that prompted me to merry swims:
all crushed by the weight of silence,
all dead)

You shall retur the songs as well,
all of them,
every turn of every melody, every upbeat
every sudden key change,
all the shared beauties, the sketches,
the landmarks,
the echo of your laughter flowing through me,
the midnight words, the shadows

(the motions that used to draw me
to the supernatural swing of a summer dress,
the sideways look and the curve of the lips
while you were fishing
for that always-ellusive english word)

(The list is endless, as you can see,
for no amount of verses could cover it all,
and I want it all back, all,
specially the unmensurable items,
the unsizeable stuff)

(Oh my,
but all this is oh-so-truly beyond measure..!)

Thus, I condemn you to a rigorous exile;
I decree you shall forever be banished
to that Sick Island of yours
where silence is all there is

And now that you have been
forever disposessed of the adorations
that once made your cheeks blush,
expatriated from the places
that were once our common soil
May I rest in peace, myself,
to befriend again the sunbeams
and fill my lungs with
the ever-luring promise of Spring

Sándalo Naranja

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