A new place in time you are, shattering my compass card, erasing all the known coordenates, all route plans forever, forcing me to learn to navigate like an ancient seaman, with an eye on a map full of terra incognita signs and terrible ocean monters, and the other fixed on the stars above… 

...and believe me, I like it, and I will, as long as your eyes are willing to sooth me, to be my beacons, and your soul my promised land. This is coastal navigation, and I am one of those ships that cruise the horizon at night, like ghostly shadows in a procession of souls, each carrying his own oil lamp, both distant and near, well awake.

Today I came to the shore, the sun was a king above, and I admired the seagulls in their rampant fishing parties. I watched the land fishers preparing their shiny baits and being kissed by the brave waters. I walked the long pier like a pilgrim reaching his final church.

I looked back at the past and felt happily confused, as if nothing I have learnt so far was relevant when I walk along these sands, and this brand-new ignorance felt invigorating like a promise.

And while I was living all this life, I was silently praying to unknown gods to help me to reach you, to inspire me to fill your glass with the sweetest love. 

Please come to this lovely beach of mine, will you?

Sándalo Naranja

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