I've said this before. Easy does it. Better try the gentle approach. That includes some degree of firmness, but forget brute force. Relax the muscles that you used to fight.

Easy does it. That peaceful force can surely transform the world around you, maybe even transform the world at large.

Second Life has a connection with that, or at least it has for me. Also, for some unknown reason this song talks about that effortless trip of the mind. I fly when love isn't shy, and usually find smart individuals willing to embark in similar trips.

How am I get so lucky?

Well, part of it is intuition. I can´t explain.

For the rest, there is a trick: I tend to look for individuals, not groups, people who seem to be at ease with themselves, contemplating nature. 

Then I say "Hi". Usually they say "Hi" too. When they not, I laugh inside, and write monologues. Ahah.  

(Roger Dogson, Supertramp, Crisis, What Crisis? 1976)

And if my heart's had wings,
I'd be the bird that sings,
I'd fly where love isn't shy
And everyone is willing to try.
And if we had the time,
And time's so hard to find,
I can't believe what you say,
Start sending those shadows away,
And if you know who you are,
You are your own superstar,
And only you can shape the movie that you make,
So when the lights disappear;
And only the silence disappears,
And only the silence is near,
Watch yourself; easy does it, easy while you wait.

And if you know who you are,
You are your own superstar
And only you can shape the music that you make.
So when the crowds disappear,
And only the silence is here
Watch yourself, easy does it, easy does it, easy while you wait

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