THE FIFTH ELEMENT (Only for my eyes)

Airborne, nothing touches you
Nothing but the beams
that travel at speed light and
(with no appreciable delay)
will depart from my eyes
to grace over your canals and forests 
and hills

Remain calm dear
Your elements will be of no assistance to you

See Earth, for instance, far below
You will not have its comforting touch
You will not say:
“Earth: sustain my body, don’t let it go… your center (the center of the Earth)…
…Let me feel the sweet and scented grass…
…Let me sense your gentle and fresh touch…
…against my naked feet”
No, Goddess, not tonight

Forget the Fire, too
You will not command:
Fire, you shall bring warmth to my skin…
…comfort my cold feet, rub my back…
…create the spark that will return…
…the lost caress of your heat to my chest…
…Warm my body, Fire,
…and make your nest in my belly …
No, your body will not meet
That comforting lukewarm feel tonight
You will need to wait a little

Water is not a option either, I'm afraid
You will not tell the wet from the dry
You will not sense the deep corridor
that playful drop is making between your breasts
You will not track the drop’s progress
Not the way I do
There is no drop to sense, in fact

As for the Air
You could think “I am certain the breeze will touch me
But there’s no wind tonight, remember dear
Nothing to move you, to caress you
With its immaterial hand
Nothing to comb
The flexible palm tree
Of your body

No, get used to the idea
Tonight nothing will touch you, dear

Nothing but my regard

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